PJ Morton & Susan Carol Say ‘Good Morning’ To Love

Photo Credit: Tyler Roi | Susan Carol/Instagram

Some people need coffee to get their day started. While others begin their morning with their favorite music. Coffee and music are all fine and dandy, but nothing quite sets a day off like waking up to some good loving. Whether it’s the physical act of intimacy or simply being in the presence of your beloved and feeling safe, secure and at peace, starting your day with love is unmatched. PJ Morton knows this and crafted a song that harnesses that feeling for his latest single “Good Morning,” a duet with Susan Carol.

The song begins with a bass line and melody that’s a brief callback to the opening notes of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s timeless classic “Your Precious Love.” Much like Marvin and Tammi, PJ is thankful for the heaven-sent blessing of love that he gets to wake up to every day. “How did I end up so lucky? / It amazes me that I still make you happy / But I won’t try, try to figure it out / I’ll just enjoy it as I sit here on this cloud,” PJ sings with a smile on his face on the first verse.

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He continues to pour love into the chorus. “Good morning, good morning / Sometimes I can’t wait to fall asleep, so I can wake up to you again / Good morning, good morning / It’s hard for me to believe it’s real, so I must be dreaming,” Morton sings almost in disbelief, but this love is oh-so-real.

PJ isn’t the only one smitten; Susan is wrapped up in the sheets of love, too, and can’t believe her good fortune. “I thought my days of love were done / Thought the time had passed on me building something that lasts / You showed me a different side of the coin / Now we’re going strong, and the love just keeps on growing,” Carol croons on her verse before uniting with PJ on the chorus and taking us to the bridge together.

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With Valentine’s Day mere days away, “Good Morning” – a song that’s been in the works since 2017 –is right on time. PJ Morton and Susan Carol have created magic together on this duet that will become a go-to love song for couples to wake up to or enjoy together any time of day. Let PJ and Susan get you in a good mood and feel the love when you listen to “Good Morning” right here.

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