PJ Morton & Susan Carol Rise And Shine In ‘Good Morning’

Photo Credit: PJ Morton/Instagram

PJ Morton and Susan Carol’s delightful duet “Good Morning” already had a throwback feel to it, and they fully lean into that vibe for the song’s music video. Instead of giving us an old-school romance to match the track’s subject matter, though, director Nathan Corrona transports us to the set of a fictional classic TV morning talk show named Good Morning!.

The host welcomes PJ to the show for a sit-down interview, and both men are hopped up on strong cups of coffee and quite animated during their conversation. After they yuck it up for the camera, the host daps Morton up before he goes to join Carol and the band on the Good Morning! stage to perform.

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PJ’s bandmates are dressed like him in matching sunshine yellow suits, and Susan compliments their haberdashery with a gold sequined minidress and crown that looks like sun rays. From the cut of the men’s suits to Susan’s white go-go boots to the vintage cameras and microphones on set, the whole aesthetic is straight outta the 1960s and done very well.

After watching the “Good Morning” visual, we almost wish that Good Morning! was a real show. We’d certainly be tuned in every day. Let PJ Morton and Susan Carol take you to another time and place when you press play and watch below.

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