Moonchild Revisits ‘The List’ With A New Acoustic Take

Photo Credit: Taryn Dudley

Moonchild had an exciting 2022 thanks to the release of their fifth album Starfruit. Singles like “What You Wanted,” “Tell Him” and “Too Good” helped garner the album a GRAMMY nomination for Best Progressive R&B album at this year’s ceremonies. The trio isn’t resting on that accolade, though. In fact, they’re feeling a bit nostalgic as they revisit their 2017 Voyager single “The List” with a new, re-recorded acoustic take on the beloved song.

The original was an instant favorite when it was released thanks to a jazzy arrangement of piano, horns and bass that captured the wonderful annoyances of being in love. This stripped-back version is just as lovely, if not more so. The vocal from singer Amber Navran is focused on more than before, with her whispery voice giving even more texture as the track opening with lush, sighing harmonies while piano twinkles in the background.

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She leaps into the lead as she lists the many things she “hates” about how she’s feeling while the other instruments begin to fill in between the snaps and hand claps to flesh out the sound. This new arrangement allows even more space for the song to grow and steep, with the band making slight changes and different choices that make this song feel almost brand new.

“Moonchild has been such a learning and growing process for all of us over the last ten years,” Navran said in a press statement. “I know that I’ve grown so much as a singer since we recorded ‘The List’ for the first time. It feels great to record a new version of the song that reflects the singer I am today.”

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“The List (Acoustic)” reminds us just how incredibly talented Moonchild is as a group. It’s also got us wondering what the rest of their catalogue might sound with the acoustic treatment. While we dream about that, get into the latest from the trio when you press play.

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