Masego Shows His ‘Two Sides’ & Plans To Release Self-Titled Sophomore Album In March

Photo Credit: Masego/YouTube

Masego is looking to make 2023 his. He’s already off to an excellent start with three singles — “Say You Want Me,” “You Never Visit Me” and “Two Sides” — all up in our playlists and his upcoming You Never Visit Me Tour, which is almost all sold out (yes, the whole tour). His fans are hungry for more and he plans to fill them up with the announcement that he’s got a brand-new, self-titled album on the way and the release of the video for “Two Sides.”

The visual finds Masego introducing us to a few of his many facets — The Double Dater, The Teacher, The Scholar, The Stargazer and The Island King. Each side gets its own bit of screen time that features him chilling with beauties in lavish settings who also happen to be twinning just like his own Gemini star sign. The set pieces are basically reasons for the star to show off slick outfits, with him rocking flowy shirts, tailored blazers, jewelry and designer shades like it was Fashion Week. Each facet is still essentially Masego, though, with not much changing from the man we’ve gotten to know over the years.

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Masego the album also looks to introduce us to singer/rapper/multi-instrumentalist once again. Each of the aforementioned singles are included among the LP’s 14 tracks alongside songs with intriguing titles such as “Black Anime,” “What’s Your Flavour,” “Bye Bye My Love” and “Eternal Sunshine (Firepit).” If any of the ones we haven’t heard sound half as good as what’s already been released, then it’s safe to say that Masego has another winner on his hands.

Watch the video for “Two Sides” and then hop below to view the Masego album cover and the album’s tracklisting. Look for it to arrive at your favorite music retailer on Friday, March 3rd.

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Photo Credit: EQT Recordings/Capitol Records

Masego Masego tracklist:

1. Black Anime
2. Sax 5th Avenue
3. What’s Your Flavour
4. Afraid of Water
5. Down In The Dumps
6. You Play With My Heart
7. Remembering Sundays
8. Who Cares Anyway
9. Bye Bye My Love
10. Say You Want Me
11. Two Sides
12. You Never Visit Me
13. In Style
14. Eternal Sunshine (Firepit)

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