Masego Acknowledges His Gemini Ways In ‘Two Sides’

Photo Credit: Sam Erickson

Most times, one can avoid being the bad person in a relationship by telling the truth and allowing the other person to make their own informed decisions. Though sometimes hard to hear, being honest about your tendencies and where you stand is the decent and mature thing to do. For TrapHouseJazz gawd Masego, his Gemini traits often complicate how he shows up in the game of love, and he lays his ways out on his new single “Two Sides.”

Though Uncle Sego knows his way with words often grants him an all-access pass to restricted places, he sees nothing wrong with taking full advantage on “Two Sides.” Over the Albert Hype and BASSCHARITY-co-produced track he declares, “Two sides, choose your fighter / I’ll be your type, it’s a fine line / I’m so Gemini, Gemini / Who you tryna see tonight, see tonight?”

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“Two Sides” marks the third single from Masego’s forthcoming album, following “You Never Visit Me” and “Say You Want Me.” Though all three tracks serve hefty doses of his signature cocky energy, “Two Sides” suggests he has no intention of dialing any of it back.

“I love games. Do I ever,” he acknowledged via press release. “‘Two Sides’ (lets) the next person that is involved with me aware of, I guess, the demons that I’m trying to fight.” He continues, “Geminis have a bad rep. And I was letting her know that I have the potential to move in this manner because of my past and hurt. There’s no silver lining in this song. It’s just like, ‘I could be a bad guy and I could get what I want with my slick words and my seductive beguiling ways.’”

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Masego is keeping it 100 on “Two Sides.” Give the track a spin below, and spin the block to your preferred digital platform to add the song to your collections and playlists. Though largely sold out, SoulBouncers across North America can attempt to grab tickets for his You Never Visit Me Tour, which will kick off March 13th in Santa Ana, California and will cover 28 cities before wrapping up April 27th in Los Angeles.

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