Maeta Can’t Let That Old Thing Go On ‘S(EX)’

Photo Credit: Maeta/Instagram

We must admit that Maeta had us open when she dropped her EP Habits back in 2021. The brief project showed her potential with songs like “Teen Scene” and the title track, and she revealed even more of her talent with subsequent singles “Swangin On Westheimer” and “Frank For You.” The songstress is now on the verge of releasing a new project, but first, she gives us a taste of what’s to come with her new single “S(EX).”

“S(EX)” is a track that comes with a pretty distinguished pedigree. It’s penned by Kehlani and Ant Clemons, produced by OG Parker, g.ry and Mesio Music and samples Floetry’s seminal jam slow jam “Say Yes.” With all those key elements in place, it’s no wonder why the song works so well.

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Over the slinky, slow beat Maeta sets the scene for what’s about to go down. A meeting with her ex goes from nostalgic to carnal in no time, with the two soon slipping and backsliding into the bedroom once again. “Came right back to the sex / Fell right back in the wet / Did all that / Now it’s back on track / ’Cause ya can’t spell sex without еx,” she sings on the chorus.

In addition to “S(EX),” it seems that Maeta has a lot cooking. She’s taken to Instagram to chronicle the making of her next project, including snaps with Pharrell Williams, Lucky Daye and The-Dream, and it’s looking like this will be a release to watch out for. As we prepare for what she’s bringing, get into the “S(EX)” when you press play below.

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