Lizzo Is A Very ‘Special’ Superhero

Photo Credit: Lizzo/YouTube

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Lizzo? The body-positive bop star is the superhero next door in the music video for “Special,” the title cut from her 2022 hit album.

The Christian Breslauer-directed visual begins with Super Lizzo flying through the air high above the city dressed in a superhero costume in shades of purple and black with her wavy hair and flowing cape both gone with the wind fabulous. After spending some time fighting crime and keeping law and order, we see her return home and remove all of her gear before changing into some Yitty swag and getting a little beauty rest.

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When Lizzo’s alarm goes off, she starts the day with a breakfast of cereal and haters flapping their gums about her on the internet. She goes to her job as a waitress and has to deal with more disrespect from patrons who leave rude notes on their receipts and terrorize her with spitballs. She’s bigger than the pettiness she deals with and shows that she’s better, too, when she springs into action as her alter ego to save the life of a young girl outside of the diner in the path of a car.

Unfortunately, everyone doesn't love Super Lizzo and her superpowers but that doesn’t stop her from helping people and being there for those in need. After she rescues a baby from a burning building and saves the day, she finally gets the respect and love she deserves.

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The “Special” video is a feel-good story and the plus-sized superhero action comedy that we all need. Hopefully, this isn’t the last that we see of Super Lizzo – we’re gonna need a graphic novel, MAC makeup collection and Halloween costume after this at the least. While we cross our fingers for Super Lizzo to become a thing, watch this very “Special” video below.

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