Kevin Ross Is Ready To ‘Show & Prove’ What He Can Do

Photo Credit: Kevin Ross/Facebook

Kevin Ross has us tingling with anticipation as he continues to tease his upcoming project Midnight Microdose though he’s been short on details. We got our first listen to the set last month when he dropped its lead single “Look My Way.” He’s doubling down in a sexy way with the set’s follow-up single “Show & Prove.”

“Show & Prove” brings us the freakier side of Kevin, who is perhaps best known for his romantic ballads. The song goes modern, with production heavy on the kick drum, triplet hi-hats and sexy mood. He cuts to the chase here, however, as he eschews niceties and tells his lady exactly what he wants. And just in case she thinks he can’t back up what he’s saying, the song’s chorus erases any doubt.

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“’Cause I promise, I can show you / Better than I can tell you, what’s next up is your move / I can follow through,” he sings. “It’s a rare connection, ain’t no question / Sеnd that signal through / So never mind the promisеs they told you / I can show and prove.”

We’re digging this more sensual side of Kevin Ross and can’t wait to hear what else he’ll be bringing on Midnight Microdose. Now if we could just get that release date. Listen to “Show & Prove” when you press play and then hop below to see the track’s lyric video.

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