Kelela Wants To Know If You’ll Do ‘Enough For Love’

Photo Credit: Daisy Zhou

The return of Kelela is imminent. Her new album Raven will touch down soon and close the five-year gap since her last release, Take Me Apart. The singer has given us plenty to hear over the past few months with singles “Washed Away,” “Happy Ending,” “On The Run” and “Contact.” She’s not done yet, though, as she’s offering one more preview with the new single “Enough For Love.”

Where other singles have been fast-paced odes to the thrills of a night out, “Enough For Love” slows things down as Kelela gets vulnerable about love. Wavy synth keys and drums reminiscent of dancehall rhythms keep the groove warm and inviting as the singer questions if her lover is truly down to ride.

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“I don’t really know why you walk away / Never really know what you got to say / Are you even there if you have to wait?” she wonders on the bridge. She gets even more pointed when the chorus comes around, though, singing, “’Cause you forgot about us / But you’re not alone, not alone / Are you tough enough for love? / Give it up.” The singer’s airy vocal manages to communicate her uncertainty well while still asserting that she needs answers to her lingering questions.

We’ve got a few questions about Raven that need answers, too. Luckily, we’ll have them sooner rather than later, as the project will arrive this Friday (February 10th). Prepare yourself by taking a listen to “Enough For Love” below.

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