Kelela Cycles Through Relationships Looking For The One In ‘Enough For Love’

Photo Credit: Kelela/YouTube

Kelela is officially back on the block and we are all the better for it. The singer dropped her sophomore album Raven last week, ushering in warm, inviting vibes and a call to the dance floor. The singer is now in promo mode as she prepares to kick off her RAVEN Tour, which starts next month. Part of that promo includes dropping a visual for her most recent single “Enough For Love.”

“Enough For Love” is a vulnerable track and the video exposes her softer side. It begins with Kelela frolicking in the sheets with a sexy beau as the sunset paints the room they are in golden. It seems like this might be a typical love song video at first, but a quick reveal that fades to her resting on a bed in the middle of a lake shows it’s anything but.

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She takes a dip into the waters and rises from the waves with a new look and new man waiting on her when she makes it back to her cabin. This becomes a constant theme of the clip, with her transitioning between lovers, looks and locations over an unspecified amount of time. Ultimately, the singer ends up on a beach alone staring as waves come in from the ocean and performing the opening of the album track "Far Away."

Kelela’s promo tour doesn’t end with just the music video, however. She also made time to stop by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. With a rising sun projected behind her, she took the stage solo to perform the song. Though there weren’t many bells and whistles, she still managed to mesmerize the audience with the performance while giving us a taste of what we can expect when she hits the road.

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Watch both the track’s visual and her appearance on The Tonight Show when you head below.

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