Jessie Ware Lets Loose In Luxury In ‘Pearls’

Phot Credit: Jessie Ware/YouTube

Jessie Ware seems to be inviting us back to the dance floor once again for her upcoming album That! Feels Good!, which is set to arrive this April. She’s introduced us to the set with the lead single “Pearls.” The song, a bona fide jam about letting go of expectations and inhibitions to give yourself over to music, is one of the best songs released this year. And the songstress isn’t keeping us waiting on the visual front, either, as she recently dropped the song’s video.

The clip opens with three women standing in silhouette against a backdrop of the looming moon. Neither of the women is our Jessie, however. We see her a few moments later as she sits in a pristine white room where she’s moving and grooving to her own beat.

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The video goes on, flitting between Jessie and the ladies as the groove wears on. The ladies soon infiltrate her space to get her even deeper into the groove. They dance around her during the bridge before giving Jessie a surprise makeover, turning her into their de facto lead singer, complete with an updo of barrel curls and strands of pearls made to cast to the floor while in the midst of having a good time.

The fun that Jessie Ware is having during this clip radiates through the screen, making an already enjoyable song even more lively. Join in on the singer’s good time when you watch the video for “Pearls” below.

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