James Vickery Leans Into ’90s R&B Influences For ‘(I Get So) Emotional’

Photo Credit: James Vickery/Instagram

James Vickery gave us a bit of a thrill in the last days of summer when he dropped his single “The Reason.” The slow jam was reminiscent of the sounds of the neo-soul era, with a healthy dose of D’Angelo in the mix of influences. For his latest track, James looks back even further by channeling a little ’90s R&B on his latest single “(I Get So) Emotional.”

Like “The Reason,” this latest track also takes things slow. It opens with just James, keys and finger snaps creating the foundation of the song. After a minute of him crooning, the drums finally kick in, giving us sounds that take us back to the mid-’90s. The sentiment of the song, however, is timeless.

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“(I Get So) Emotional” finds him waxing romantic about how good love is when someone loves you back. The sentiment is best expressed on the chorus, with James singing, “Bring these arms / Close together / Make your wish / Last forever / Because I cry, oh, yes I cry / Because somehow, oh, I’ve got you / In my life / I gеt so emotional with you.”

“I wrote this for the ones that miss that classic R&B sound, the ’90s boyband R&B. The singing outside in the rain with a boombox over the head R&B,” James wrote about the track on Instagram. “Nothing but pure nostalgia – the music I grew up and fell in love with and made me the artist I am today.”

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We’re still waiting for James Vickery to verify if we’ll be receiving a new project soon. This refreshing track, however, is enough to quench our thirst.

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