iyla Unleashes Her ‘APPETITE FOR DISASTER’ & Takes Us For A Visual Ride In Her ‘Impala’

Photo Credit: Bonnie Nichoalds

Songstress iyla spent a good chunk of her 2022 dropping a quartet of singles — “Sad B***h, Bad B***h,” “FOH,” “2LATE” and “Lost Me” — that kept our heads nodding all year long. We speculated that the succession of songs was leading up to something. Well now that something has arrived in the form her latest EP APPETITE FOR DISASTER. The seven-song set offers up more of the left-of-center take on pop and R&B that we’ve come to expect from the singer.

The EP features the previously released singles alongside three new tracks — “Mona Lisa,” “Grey” and “Impala.” The newer tracks each give their own unique vibe. The trunk-rattling “Mona Lisa,” on which iyla offers a rap-sung cadence that feels in step with what’s popping on the charts now. “Grey” gets dreamy with swirling instrumentation and skittering drums that keeps the lovelorn ballad afloat as she analyzes where exactly a relationship is going. “Impala,” meanwhile, rolls along on a smooth piano groove that evokes a Cali feel and invites rapper Symba into the fold to add a bit of contrast to iyla’s honeyed vocal.

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Along with the EP’s release, the singer also dropped a visual for “Impala.” The clip continues her usual formula of mixing quirk with a stylized, fashion-forward viewpoint. We see the typical scenes, with iyla rocking designer looks while performing in locations around Los Angeles. We also get imaginative shots of her wearing the longest pair of jeans ever over super-extended limbs and intertwined at the sleeve with Symba in a simple black hoodie. It’s all par for the course with iyla, and we simply can't get enough.

APPETITE FOR DISASTER is a welcome addition to iyla’s discography that gives us just enough to see and hear her artistic point of view. With three visionary EPs under her belt, though, we can’t help but wonder what she can do with a full-length LP. While we contemplate that, stream the EP and watch the video for “Impala” when you head below.

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iyla APPETITE FOR DISASTER [Amazon][Apple Music][TIDAL]

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