Dornik Rewards Fans With A New Song For Being ‘Patient’

Photo Credit: Georgia Black

While we love UK singer Dornik, we’d be the first to admit that his track record when it comes to releasing music is sporadic at best. In fact, the last time we heard from him was in 2021 when he dropped his singles “Make It Right” and “HBD” and then left us wanting more. Thankfully, he usually comes correct when he does pop up, and we’re always all ears. After a two-year gap between releases, he returns to the scene with his latest single “Patient.”

The title of the track can apply to his fans’ demeanor, but it mainly is an ode to a lover who keeps a cool head and open heart when it comes to their love. His message is presented with a mid-tempo, synth-heavy beat built around a warm, gurgling bass line and lovely flourishes that ride along to the song’s groove.

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Lyrically, the crooner is promising to give his girl the world because she’s willing to stick by his side. All that he asks is that she give him a little grace and time to make their dreams come true. “Be patient with me,” he sings repeatedly on the chorus with an earnestness that’s quite endearing.

“Patient” is right in the pocket for what we’ve come to expect from a Dornik track. Here’s hoping that he rewards his fans’ patience with more new music to groove to in the coming months.

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