CUBE & Devin Morrison Find It Hard To Choose Their Boo’s ‘Best Feature’

Photo Credit: CUBE/Spotify | Devin Morrison/Spotify

It’s that time of year, and love is most definitely in the air. As we scramble to put together or update our “adult time” playlists, singer and multi-instrumentalist CUBE gifts us with an early Valentine’s Day present. On his latest single “Best Feature,” the Ontario-based artist born Jonathan Renaud teams up once again with dreamy soul singer-songwriter Devin Morrison.

The romantic tune captures all the emotions felt when one is completely enamored of their partner. Beauty is found from the top of their head to the tips of their toes, and even their flaws are viewed as perfection. CUBE and Devin’s attempt at the impossible task of selecting their lover’s most darling detail falls flat, as it is simply too difficult to choose. Over the sexy groove, the duo sings sweet sentiments like, “I’ve never seen a girl that hits my every weakness / Not even in my dreams, like God kept you a secret.”

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“Best Feature” is the latest collaboration between these two talents. It follows Morrison’s November single “PBJ,” which CUBE produced. Earlier in 2022, CUBE released his highly anticipated LUVMIND. EP, capitalizing on all the buzz he’s generated online via his wide range of covers. At just 17 years old, his rich vocals and mastery of multiple instruments including the drums, keys and bass, are just impeccable. Whether drawing followers in with captivating instrumentals or sickening covers of both classics and newer hits across genres, CUBE has quickly become your favorite artist’s favorite artist and we can’t wait to hear more. 

Let CUBE and Devin Morrison serenade you on “Best Feature” when you press play below, and add the track to your boo thang playlist to share with your Valentine. Follow CUBE on Instagram and TikTok to witness more of his musical moments and get into some of his impressive jazz drops under his real name on Spotify and Apple Music.

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