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CAMP is coming with it in 2023. He started the year on the right foot with his motivational track “CNTRL” back in January. We speculated that the singer-songwriter would have more to come following that one, and it turns out we were right as he brings us more with “CHAMPAGNE FOREVER.”

The song finds CAMP teaming with producers Anikan & Vader and Kenneth “NSFR” Wright. The first half of the track, which we’ll call the “champagne” portion, offers a romantic feel thanks to looped piano and drums that keep rhythm gingerly throughout. The singer, meanwhile, spouts romantic overtures in earnest as he attempts to change his relationship for the better. Though the road might be rough, it seems that they might just be on the same page on the chorus, with CAMP singing, “I really love you / Like a glass of champagne / Oh, what a feeling / We want the same thing.”

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The track shifts gears midway through, switching to acoustic guitar, strings and finger snaps for the musical backdrop for what we’ll dub the “forever” portion of the proceedings. This part feels much more intimate as CAMP gets real about what he’s feeling. “Forever I’m yours / Where I belong / I’m not alone,” he sings here. “You’re right here with me / In your arms / Feels like home.”

Both parts of the song highlight CAMP’s undeniable songwriting skill while giving the listener a chance to fully take in what he’s saying. It’s a rare quality not found in much of today’s mainstream R&B. Run up “CHAMPAGNE FOREVER” below and be on the lookout for more from CAMP as the year wears on.

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