Beyoncé Slows Things Down To Take Us Even Higher On ‘CUFF IT (WETTER REMIX)’

Photo Credit: Beyoncé/Instagram

Beyoncé is officially the winningest artist in GRAMMY Award history with a record 32 wins under her belt. One of the songs that helped her get there is the jamming RENAISSANCE single “CUFF IT,” which garnered her the GRAMMY for Best R&B Song at the 65th Annual GRAMMY Awards. The song has also been an inspiration for DJs on social media, with many mashing it up with several songs to create new remixes. A mashup by DJ Esentrik which mixed the singer’s vocals with the beat from Twista’s “Wetter” caught the ear of Bey herself and now she’s made it an official remix.

The “CUFF IT (WETTER REMIX)” isn’t just a mashup, though. The singer actually got back in the studio, recording a new intro, ad-libs, backing vocals and even redoing some of the verses and adding new lyrics to match the sensual (and freakier) mood that the groove demands. “Baby, make it rain / Don’t let go ’til it storms again / I pray that this never ends / Cuff it, don’t stop / Let me love you to the remix,” she sings on the revamped intro, leading us into the sexier side of the once-disco-influenced cut.

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This isn’t the first time that Beyoncé took inspiration from what fans are doing on social media. With an utter dearth of visuals from RENAISSANCE, she looked to her creative fans to help and released a compilation of their videos performing to “BREAK MY SOUL” for a “Hive Certified” version.

Now that she’s finally announced the RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR and tickets are on sale, it remains to be seen if we’ll ever get visuals for the album. But if her plan is to just suddenly drop surprise remixes, we wouldn’t be mad at that either. Listen to the “CUFF IT (WETTER REMIX)” below and pick up your copy of the cut exclusively from Beyoncé’s website.

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