Babyface Returns On The Solo Front With ‘As A Matter Of Fact’

Photo Credit: Babyface/Instagram

It seems that everything is coming up Babyface. The famed singer-songwriter has been enjoying quite the resurgence in recent years. He was just in our ears with last year’s collaborative effort Girls Night Out, and he’s been behind the scenes on some of the biggest projects of late — including SZA’s massive chart-topping album SOS. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from him on the solo tip, however. That changes now as Babyface releases his first solo single in seven years with “As A Matter Of Fact.”

“As A Matter Of Fact” finds him going back to the wholesome, romantic formula that we’ve known him for. “I just met my life / For the first time / I just met the prettiest girl in whole wide world,” he sings at the song's start. “I just met my sunshine / Ooh, sunshine / And she lights up the world.”

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The loving feeling is captured in the song’s instrumentation as well. Guitar acts as the base of the song’s melody, with it being paired with drums, synth flourishes and vocal samples on the verse. The song gets a jolt of energy when it comes time for the chorus, though. The synths take over as the main musical element while the song’s tempo seems to pick up momentum while Babyface professes his love.

“As A Matter Of Fact” isn't the strongest of Babyface’s singles, but it is a reminder of just how slick the iconic artist is when it comes to his craft. Listen to the latest in a long line of well-crafted love songs when you press play.

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