Aurora Dee Raynes Lets Go Of Drama In Favor Of ‘Something Sensible’

Photo Credit: Tru Thoughts

Not all relationships have to end in drama. Sometimes both parties can admit things have run their course and peacefully part ways. For their latest single “Something Sensible,” North London band Aurora Dee Raynes captures the spirit of civil separation. Produced by Stephen Raynes, the lively groove is driven by bassist Will Harper and topped off with thoughtful lyrics and tender vocals from Danielle Kranendonk.

Noting that a break-up doesn’t always equal beef, via press release Danielle explains, ‎“It’s not always about negative and hard feelings, there are layers. A relationship can work, but it doesn’t mean it works out. There’s no anger ‎there, just time to ‎grow and do what you need to do for yourself.” ‎

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The vibrant energy of the track and its accompanying artwork echo this belief. The image of a floating heart with wings and a stopwatch are said to symbolize “that you can show your heart, soul and feelings, but when the time comes, you’re free to fly away.”

“Something Sensible” serves as the lead single taken from the band’s forthcoming EP Ribbon Of Hot Plasma. The project follows their 2021 debut LP Invisible Things and is said to map their “trajectory of maturity, growth and synergy as a band.” Further, as evidenced by this most recent release, the new EP showcases their return to their roots, “with the power of honest lyrics and collaborative production and instrumentation unifying and ‎underpinning each of the tracks.” 

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Listen to Aurora Dee Raynes’ “Something Sensible” (and the song’s groovy instrumental) below, and get ready for Ribbon Of Hot Plasma's March 30th release by pre-saving the EP on streaming services. You can also show your love directly to the artists and pre-order the album via Bandcamp.

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