Angie Stone Puckers Up To ‘Kiss You’

Photo Credit: Angie Stone/Instagram

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then lips are the front door. Songstress Angie Stone welcomes her man into her open house as she serenades his soup coolers on her new single “Kiss You.” The song is her first release since her 2019 album Full Circle led by the single “Dinosaur” and finds the legendary artist bringing fans more of the soul-infused R&B that she’s known and loved for.

Co-produced by Angie’s longtime manager and producer Walter W. Milsap III and Xavier Gordon, “Kiss You” begins with a familiar sample of Teddy Pendergrass’ distinct wails from Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes’ classic cut “I Miss You.” Unlike the forlorn source material, though, “Kiss You” is a happy mid-tempo bop with Angie singing the praises of her man’s kisses.

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“Ooh boy, your lips, the way they sittin’ / I can't focus, I can't even pay attention / I lick my lips, they start to glisten / You want to bite ’em every time they’re in your vision,” she sings, admiring his mouth that was made for hers. “And I just want to kiss you, kiss you, kiss you, kiss you, kiss you, baby,” Angie coos on the chorus, ready to show her man better than she can tell him.

“Kiss You” is inspired by Angie Stone’s real-life new husband whom she can’t get enough of. “This song is a nod to all the lovers in the world,” the newlywed lovebird shared in a press release. “Whether you’re sitting at your local sports game on the Kiss Cam or cuddled up at home kissing that special someone from head to toe, kissing is pretty much everyone’s preferred display of affection.”

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This track is the debut release under a new label deal between Stone and her manager/producer Milsap’s independent imprint Conjunction Entertainment in association with SRG/ILS Group. The song is the latest from one of the most consistent artists in the game, so we’re looking forward to hearing more from this partnership. Our fingers are crossed for new Angie Stone album news to come soon, but “Kiss You” will be on repeat and on our playlists in the meantime.

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