Smokey Robinson Brings The Love With ‘If We Don’t Have Each Other’ & Announces New Album ‘Gasms’

Photo Credit: Smokey Robinson/Instagram

Smokey Robinson has enjoyed a storied, nearly 70-year career in the music business and has a mountain of hits and accolades to prove it. The last studio project we got from Uncle Smokey was when the legend dropped his 2014 collaborations album Smokey & Friends — though he did release the Amazon exclusive holiday project Christmas Everyday during the 2017 holiday season. The celebrated singer-songwriter still has magic left in his pen, however, and he’s set to prove that this spring with the upcoming set Gasms. The provocatively titled album will be bringing nine songs of all original material, starting with the set’s lead single “If We Don’t Have Each Other.”

“If We Don’t Have Each Other” offers that classic Smokey Robinson feel over a more modern-sounding track. The song’s instrumentation is rather sparse, with just smooth guitar, hand claps and hi-hats creating a timeless groove. Not that much is needed when you have Smokey on the mic, though.

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The singer offers his signature falsetto to express his undying love on the track, with lyrics made to bring lovers close. “I love it when we snuggle, when you’re holding onto me / We’re like two pieces of a puzzle, we fit together perfectly,” he sings on the second verse. Meanwhile, the chorus expresses a simple yet moving sentiment as he sings, “Tell me what do we have / If we don’t have each other / We don’t have anything / If we don’t have each other.”

“If We Don’t Have Each Other” sounds just as lovely as you’d expect from a Smokey Robinson love song. However, based on the other song titles on Gasms — including the title track, “I Wanna Know Your Body,” “Roll Around,” “You Fill Me Up” and “I Fit In There” — it might be the most tame of what the set has to offer.

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We’ll find out just how frisky Uncle Smokey is feeling when the album arrives on April 28th. Until then, you can check out a stream of the song, its lyric video and the nine-song tracklist in full when you hop below.

Smokey Robinson Gasms tracklist:

1. Gasms
2. How You Make Me Feel
3. I Wanna Know Your Body
4. I Keep Callin’ You
5. Roll Around
6. Besides
7. If We Don’t Have Each Other
8. You Fill Me Up
9. I Fit In There

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