Queen Naija Is Ready To Get Real With Her Man On 'Let's Talk About It'

Photo Credit: Queen Naija/YouTube

Queen Naija had a banner 2022 that included the release of her single "Hate Our Love" with Big Sean, a collaboration with the iconic Babyface on his latest album Girls Night Out and a spot opening for Mary J. Blige during her Good Morning Gorgeous Tour. The Detroit native isn't resting on her well-deserved laurels, though. She starts off her new year with new music in the form of her latest single "Let's Talk About It" and its accompanying visual.

"Let's Talk About It" is exactly what we've come to expect from Queen Naija. The singer gets real, raw and honest as she addresses the men out there who aren't taking care of business in many aspects. She turns to OAK for the musical backdrop, and he laces her with a slow, silky groove made to vibe to as she goes down the list of where these dudes are lacking.

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"Won't put a ring on her finger, but put a baby up in her / Another child in a broken home 'cause you afraid / Still clingin' to your mama / Swear that you so grown but let her handle all your drama," she sings while hitting a nerve at one point. 'You ain't never got to grow up, that's your problem / Puttin' up a front to hide behind your trauma." Sheesh, Naija, don't hurt 'em.

She keeps that same energy in the song's video. In it, she plays opposite rapper and BMF star Lil Meech as she sits him down in an empty warehouse so they can really hash things out. Throughout the clip, we see instances of their relationship and evidence of his roving eye and hypocritical ways. After saying her piece, she then drives off into the night as a snippet of another song plays before things fade to black.

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It seems Queen Naija has something up her sleeve for 2023. We're all eyes and ears to see and hear what the star has coming next. Until then, check out the stream and video for "Let's Talk About It" when you press play below.

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