Masego Shows Us The Good Life In Brazil In ‘You Never Visit Me’

Photo Credit: Masego/YouTube

Masego left off last year with a double dose of newness by dropping singles “Say You Want Me” and “You Never Visit Me” as he gears up for the release of his new album later this year. The multi-talented musician seems to now be ramping up for the impending release. The latest step in promotion is the drop of the official video for “You Never Visit Me” and a live performance video.

Masego decides to take us down to Brazil for both moments. The visual begins with an aerial view of favelas located near a shore. We’re then transported to a villa where he appears to be in deep thought as he sits all by his lonesome. The clip then shows him as he travels through the streets with a smile while showing off the sights and the people that the country has to offer. This includes a scene of him and a few friends partaking in some local delicacies and throwing a bumping house party. Mixed in with these clips, however, are more of the pensive moments showing that he’s missing an unnamed someone whom he would love to spend time with.

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For the live take, which was filmed last year, he incorporates some local flavor thanks to the addition of band Afrocidade. They incorporate even more drums and horns into the arrangement, giving the smooth cut a bit more grit. It also includes a saxophone solo from Masego himself, with him waking things up a bit by infusing the song with some fiery jazz inflection.

Masego can’t go wrong, it seems, and both this video and revamped live performance offer something that must be experienced. You can watch each one when you press play below.

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