MAJOR. Celebrates True Love In ‘Baby Will You Love Me’

Photo Credit: MAJOR./Facebook

MAJOR.’s timeless love song “Why I Love You” has soundtracked many weddings since its 2016 release – including his own in August 2020 to his wife Nichelle. Married life is agreeing with the wholesome crooner, and their love story is the inspiration for his latest single “Baby Will You Love Me.”

It’s clear from the first verse that MAJOR. is smitten. “When she walked in, she took the win / And nothing else around us mattered / Gave her my hand and when we danced / That’s when I found the answer,” he sings, sounding like it was love at first sight. “She stole my heart in record time / A beauty like a joy divine / She hypnotized me / She got me and I didn’t mind,” he continues, a man obviously all-in.

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He goes on to share more about their loving bond and his pledge to make it last forever. MAJOR. makes being in love and married to the one sound absolutely delightful on the catchy tune that he sings with a smile on his face and joy in his heart.

Love is woven throughout the song written by MAJOR. and co-produced by Harmony Samuels and JV. That was deliberate on MAJOR.’s part as he’s a man on a mission. “I just want the world to CELEBRATE TRUE LOVE AGAIN… weddings, proposals, baby showers, cookouts… E’RYBODY deserves LOVE!” he gleefully stated on Instagram about the song’s purpose and his desire for it to soundtrack all of life’s special moments.

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Valentine's Day is mere weeks away, so you’ll want to have MAJOR.’s “Baby Will You Love Me” loaded onto your playlists to share with your love. Stream or download the song for such purposes now after you listen to it below.

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