Madison Ryann Ward Never Wants To 'GO BACK'

Photo Credit: Madison Ryann Ward/Instagram

We can all agree that life is unpredictable. Such uncertainty will be met with optimism or negativity, depending on your beliefs. Singer-songwriter Madison Ryann Ward understands this sentiment and her deep-rooted faith drives her toward the former. Her latest single “GO BACK” captures the confidence spurred by strong values and knowing where the opposite road might lead.

In her beautifully rich tone, Madison sings inspiring lyrics over the soothing Stephen P. Carswell-produced track with mixing and mastering by Vidal Davis. “I never wanna go back, I never wanna know that life before love / I'm living in the moment, I'm running after all that's holy and pure,” she soulfully croons on the chorus atop a chill blend of guitar, bass, keys and drums.

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Given her view of music as a power “unlike anything in this world” and a force that can bring people together, it's no wonder that she uses the accompanying lyric video for this latest offering as a source of encouragement for listeners worldwide.

“When I started creating this, I loved the visual of actually running after good and pure things for the ‎New Year ahead. So, with a nod to Olympic Champion (and current Track & Field World Record holder!) ‎Sydney Mclaughlin, I thought it would be sweet for her to be featured,” she explained on Instagram. Like most of us, watching McLaughlin make history sparked emotion and a sense of pride in Ward. “I felt it way deep in my soul! Like a ‎beautiful picture of glory.”

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The lyric visual serves as a metaphor for the never-ending race of life. After quoting Hebrews 12:1 in that same IG post, Madison declared, “No matter the heartache or circumstances in your life, it’s never too late to make a change and begin something new. All 2023, just keep running.”

Get inspired by Madison Ryann Wade’s “GO BACK” below and add the soothing track to self-care playlists. Keep an eye out for more from her debut album, which is on track to be released independently soon.

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