Ledisi Is Looking For Answers To Uncomfortable Questions On ‘I Need To Know’

Photo Credit: Ron T. Young

We’ve had a front-row seat to the creative expansion of Ledisi. The powerhouse vocalist is becoming known for more than just singing with ventures in acting, writing and anything else that she puts her mind and talents to. But it seems that music will always be the love that she comes back to, and we’re very thankful for it. The songstress is set to co-headline the upcoming Soul II Soul Tour with Kem beginning next month, and she’s dropping new music ahead of it with new single “I Need To Know.”

“I Need To Know” finds Ledisi once again collaborating with trusted musical partner Rex Rideout. Together, they craft an emotional cut that finds her asking the uncomfortable questions that need answers in order for her relationship to continue working. Slow-paced piano, guitar and drums help set the scene while the singer sits her partner down for a long conversation.

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“I just need to know how we’ve gotten to the point where we can’t talk about things,” she demands at one point. “We always used to find a way to figure out things / Whatcha wanna do? / ’Cause I can’t keep going through this / And I’m about to lose it.” This is, of course, underscored by a fiery vocal from Ledisi, with her voice doing the work of conveying the emotional turmoil found in the lyrics.

“I Need To Know” is rumored to be the lead single from an album rumored to be dropping this spring (yep, that’s a lot of rumors). While we await actual confirmation on those details, we can confirm that you’ll be seeing Ledisi on the big screen this spring when she plays the legendary Gladys Knight in the feature film Spinning Gold.

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Seems like we won’t be able to escape Ledisi in 2023 and, honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Listen to “I Need To Know” when you press play below.

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