Kevin Ross Yearns For Attention On ‘Look My Way’ & Preps New EP ‘Midnight Microdose’

Photo Credit: Kevin Ross/Facebook

Kevin Ross may not have released any new music in 2022, but he was still quite busy. The singer-songwriter became a father when he welcomed his first child into the world. Being a new parent has kept him on his toes, but Kevin did find time to focus on his craft and he has a new EP entitled Midnight Microdose on the way. He gives us a sample of what’s to come with the single “Look My Way.”

The song finds Ross pining over a pretty young thing who has caught his eye, and now he’s trying to catch hers. Inspired by early songs from The Jackson 5’s songbook, Kevin channels young Michael Jackson’s innocence on “Look My Way.” You can almost hear the butterflies in his stomach when he sings, “Girl, I love to walk by you each day / But you don’t even know my name,” in the first verse, also channeling a little Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name.”

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Kev knows that he’s gotta make a move on his crush. “What do I lose if I don’t take my shot / When it’s seconds that’s left on the clock,” he sings on the pre-chorus before resolving to get her attention on the chorus. “So I gotta make you look my way (look my way) / Cause baby it’s a lot of love in this heart to give (I’ll give it all to you).”

The song’s sweet sentiment is steeped in classic R&B and throwback soul. The mid-tempo track produced by Yaahn Hunter, Jr. sounds like it’s from a bygone era while still sounding fresh and new.

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Ross has posted snippets from the “Look My Way” music video on Instagram, so keep an eye out for that to follow shortly. He hasn’t revealed the release date for Midnight Microdose yet, but we have our fingers crossed that he doesn’t keep us waiting too long for it. While we await its release, turn all your attention to Kevin Ross and “Look My Way” right here.

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