Kelela Makes ‘Contact’ With A Club-Ready Groove

Photo Credit: Kelela/Facebook

It seems that Kelela is poised to bring back ’90s rave culture with her upcoming album Raven. Outside of the lead single “Washed Away,” follow-up tracks “Happy Ending” and “On The Run” have touched on the musical feel of the era. Now, with just under a month until the set’s release, she’s giving us another listen with her latest single “Contact.”

With a breakbeat driving the way, “Contact” gets the party started from the very beginning with an undeniable groove that motivates the listener to dance. Kelela doesn’t just keep it there, though. She takes us to her more sensual side as she describes an encounter that’s gradually heating up and getting quite steamy. It ultimately winds up on the dance floor, though, with the singer reveling in the electric feeling of the night.

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“Oh, it’s a sauna, here if you wanna / (We’re standing in the light) / It’s 2 A.M. and we made it, everybody faded (So wild, so wild, so wild),” she sings on the chorus. “And now I’m floatin’ away, far and away (You know it feels so right) / You tryna stall and delay, but I wanna play.”

“‘Contact’ has a little bit of something for every part of the night. It’s a soundtrack for ‘pre-gaming’ (a song to play as you’re getting ready or on your way to the club),” Kelela said of the track in a press release. “It’s also the interior club experience: the heat that envelops you when you walk into a packed rave. All this culminates in a very naughty, psychedelic moment in the back of the club with a lover.”

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Listening to this might give you a “Contact” high. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Listen to the latest from Kelela when you press play below. Look out for Raven to arrive on February 10th.

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