Kameron Corvet Gives Sweet Romance With ‘You With Me’

Photo Credit: Kameron Corvet/Instagram

If you happen to be a watcher of the Starz series BMF, then you might’ve heard a familiar voice during a recent episode. A sweet, soulful cut was played in a scene featuring series star LaLa Anthony that perfectly encapsulated the feeling of romantic awe that her character inspired. The voice behind that happened to be GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter Kameron Corvet, who has now released that featured song as his new single “You With Me.”

The track captures the feel of '80s R&B ballads almost perfectly, which is probably why the song was selected for the series that takes place in the Detroit of the late 1980s. Kameron gifts the production with loving guitar, a warm synth bass and tightly arranged vocals that channel the era yet somehow remain in space that is essentially timeless.

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The same can be said of the song’s lyrics, which find the crooner making his move on a special someone whom he was meant to be with. The verses are all about the kind of love that Kameron can offer. It’s the chorus, however, where he really sells it. “Give me a chance to know you / Then I’ll show you / Just how it would be / You with me,” he sings. “Let me hold you / Like I’m ’posed to / Feel how it would be / You with me.”

“You With Me” is the type of silky smooth R&B that’s quite intoxicating. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Give the latest from Kameron Corvet a listen when you press play and thank us later.

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