Iniko Assumes Their Throne In ‘The King’s Affirmation’

Photo Credit: Iniko/Instagram

Iniko took TikTok by storm when they unleashed their encouraging mantra “The King’s Affirmation.” Since then, they’ve been picking up on the momentum of that track. They released it as an official single last summer and even followed up with a chilled-out remix. But they are not done by a long shot. Newly signed to Columbia Records, the artist returns to us to bear the song’s official visual, which builds upon the song’s themes with epic imagery.

The clip opens with a fallen Iniko who is brought back to life when a glowing energy falls from the sky and enters their body. Iniko’s rise inspires a group of women – who may or may not have conjured their resurrection – to mimic their movements as they sing. The women soon gather around a blue flame as we see a new version of Iniko draped in pearls step to the fore. The group of ladies soon readorn in finery before sitting the singer upon the throne and crowning Iniko their king.

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This is just the beginning for Iniko, but this video makes it seem like they’re a seasoned pro. Watch them create their own epic world when you press play.

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