Full Crate & Jordyn Appreciate ‘The Process’

Photo Credit: Full Crate/YouTube

It’s been said that you should always “trust the process.” Though it’s usually much easier said than done, you can often avoid a lot of pain and heartache if you simply stay present instead of focusing solely on the end goal. For his new single entitled “The Process,” multifaceted artist Full Crate tackles this sentiment from a romantic standpoint.

Co-written and produced alongside Bijou Choder, Crate drew inspiration for the track following a period of drastic change in his life and at the start of a new chapter. Via Instagram, he shared, “(The song) represents the healed part of me that finally got to enjoy what it’s like to be single AND happy!‎”

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Lyrically, he lays out his newfound perspective on dating and declares, “You got your options / Don’t need a promise, it’s the moment for me / I like the process / I’m asking put aside that good time for me.” Fellow multihyphenate, San Diego-bred artist Jordyn, hops on the track to echo his desire for casual companionship with no strings attached. 

For the accompanying visual co-directed by Crate and MeCollective, we watch as he lays his noncommittal cards on the table before his lovely companion, played by Los Angeles-based DJ and designer Huneycut. When he steps off for a moment, Jordyn slides in and shoots his shot. Both offer the braided beauty the same sort of engagement without expectations, but Jordyn respects the bro code upon Crate’s return. It all makes for a colorful and comedic capture, mimicking his desire to keep things fun and lighthearted. 

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Give Full Crate’s “The Process” featuring Jordyn a spin and watch the video below. This release is the latest in a string of singles that Crate has released since 2021. We have our fingers crossed that a new album to follow his 2020 EP In All Honesty is in the works and on the way.

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