Dondria Turns Up With Some ‘Good Company’

Photo Credit: Dondria/YouTube

The post-pandemic rallying cry “We outside” has become a popular phrase since the world has fully opened back up. Although many are running back to the streets and reclaiming their social lives, there’s something to be said for staying at home and making your own fun. With that in mind, Dondria invites some of her girlfriends over to stay in and turn up in the music video for “Good Company.”

Although the song is about a night out on the town hitting a function with her hittas, the only party Dondria and her three friends are attending is a slumber party. The Timothy Lens-directed visual depicts the ultimate girls’ night in with the singer and her crew kicked back in her all-pink dream house that would make Barbie jealous.

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Dondria and her sister-friends have a whole night of activities in store. They partake in some girl talk, enjoy a friendly game of UNO, have a photo shoot in their jammies, play a mini-concert, dance like nobody’s watching and then settle in for a scary movie. Dondria even two-steps her way into the kitchen to bake some cookies because what’s a girls’ night without something sweet?

The foursome has a good time without leaving the house and spending a dime. As expensive as outside has gotten, the “Good Company” video is our kind of fun.

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“Good Company” is one of many dope tracks on Dondria’s fantastic new EP Perspective. Give the full project a listen if you haven’t already, but not before you watch the video below.

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