Cordae & Anderson .Paak Go Back And Forth About ‘Two Tens’

Photo Credit: Cordae/YouTube

One of the hardest things to do is watch a friend make decisions you know aren’t the best for them. Whether their behavior is truly harmful or simply a case of being a fool in love, we can’t help but chime in, even if the advice is unsolicited. Rapper Cordae teams up once again with multihyphenate Anderson .Paak for a lighthearted take on this sentiment on the track “Two Tens.”

For their latest collaboration, the duo debate loving in the moment versus living a more disciplined existence. Over the J. Cole-produced track, Cordae advocates for the intentional use of one’s time, money and heart, while Cheeky Andy seems to think it ain’t trickin’ if you got it. True to form, it all makes for a comical dialogue, prompting listeners to take sides on the entertaining exchange.

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For the accompanying visual directed by Edgar Esteves and Juan Felipe Zuleta, Cordae and .Paak take us along for a lively night out in the club. Amid a sea of gorgeous gals and bottles of bubbly, Cordae keeps things lowkey while his comrade takes full advantage of all the luxuries and lovelies available to him.

Though Cordae states his reluctance at the beginning, his ride-or-die manta overrides his desire to stay home and chill. He instead spends his evening pointing out all the errors of Andy’s ways though his wise words fall on decidedly deaf ears. Still, the two seem to have a good time and treat fans to more than a few laughs in the process.

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“Two Tens” is the second duet from Cordae and Anderson .Paak following their 2019 jam “RNP” with an equally comical video. With two collabs in the bag, fans are now asking for a whole joint project from the talented emcees and we wouldn’t be mad at that. Until such a thing comes to fruition, get into “Two Tens” below and add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform today.  

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