Chlöe Takes Her Man Problems To The Altar With ‘Pray It Away’

Photo Credit: Chlöe/YouTube

We’re very excited to hear what Chlöe will be bringing when her upcoming solo debut In Pieces drops in March. Unfortunately, according to the star, none of her four previously released singles will be part of the new project. So what will we be hearing? Well, she gives us our first listen to the anticipated set by dropping off its lead single “Pray It Away” and its religion-themed music video.

Though she evokes prayer in the title, the song won’t be able to be played in the sanctuary. That’s because she’s going off about her dealings with trifling men — otherwise known as “f**k n****s” — and how tired she is of them playing with her emotions. She opens with talk of being triggered by these no-good fellas and almost pushed to the point of violence. However, rather than go all “Kill Bill” on ’em, she decides to turn to the Lord.

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“Maybe I should go and take it to church / And wash it away ’cause I want that n***a to hurt,” she sings in an angelic tone but with a conviction to let us know she really means it. “But I’ma just pray it away before I give him what he deserves first.”

The video plays up the religious imagery, with the singer praying in front of an altar while surrounded by candles. She plays into various church tropes, including performing in front of a stained glass window while looking regal and utilizing choreography that evokes elements of praise dancing. It’s also fitting that the video uses an edited version of the song as we’re sure folks would have a fuss about her using profanity in the Lord’s house.

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“Pray It Away” doesn’t have the bootylicious boom or sex and sass of her previous singles, but it does show Chlöe at her most vulnerable and ushers in what is sure to be an entertaining era from the singer. Listen to “Pray It Away” and watch its visual when you head below.

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