Braxton Cook Looks Back On His Musical Journey With ‘Indie’

Photo Credit: Lauren Desberg

Braxton Cook has been on our radar and on his musical grind as an independent artist for quite some time. The multi-talent has wowed us with recent efforts like his EP Black Mona Lisa and the Masego-featuring “90s,” with the focus pulled more toward his vocals and songwriting. But we shouldn’t forget that he’s also a formidable saxophone player as well. He reminds us of that with his latest single “Indie.”

The song is an instrumental track, but it shows that you don't necessarily need words to convey strong emotions. “Indie” starts with a somber swell of saxophone accompanied by bass and piano. Soon, though, snare and hi-hats come crashing in to introduce other elements. The music tells a story about the triumph and tribulations that come with going it on your own.

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“It’s about my journey as an independent artist,” Braxton said of the song on Instagram. “I’ll tell you [right now], this isn’t a path for the weak. You eat what you kill and you have to constantly stay on top of an ever-changing and amorphous music industry. I’ve had an extremely blessed career so far, and I owe a lot of this to y’all’s support over the years.”

The track continues to prove just how versatile an artist Braxton is, with him giving us soulful R&B one second and then a jazz masterpiece like this one the next. We can’t wait to see what else he’ll be giving we he drops his next opus, Who Are You When No One Is Watching?, next month on February 24th. Until that arrives, get into the jazzy ways of Braxton Cook when you listen to “Indie” below.

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