Bluey Robinson Needs Some 'Southern Comfort'

Photo Credit: Bluey Robinson/Instagram

The holiday season and the new year have a knack for putting people in an introspective mood. Without even thinking about it, we often find ourselves replaying the events of the past year, including the good times and the bad. Singer Bluey Robinson is no different as he finds himself lamenting where he went wrong with a past relationship on his latest single “Southern Comfort.”

Backed mostly by acoustic guitar and finger snaps, the multi-talented Brit is deep in thought as he tries to figure out where the blame lies in how things turned out. Although he waffles back and forth over what played the bigger role in the breakup, one thing he is certain of is that he wants that old thing back and isn’t quite ready to close the door on reconciliation just yet.

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“Is that all we get from then? / Memories of way back when / How much more can I pretend? / What of all the years we spent? / Moments that were shared / Feels like it just came and went / Is that it for us, my friend?” he sings solemnly.

While he's proven time and time again that he has some serious vocal pipes, he pulls back some here, delivering a delicate vocal performance that underscores the realization that he may have lost his “Southern Comfort” for good.

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When he’s not singing to our hearts, Bluey Robinson has been keeping busy by adding acting to his ever-growing curriculum vitae. After making his big screen debut in 2019’s Cats live-action musical, he also appeared on EPIX’s historical fantasy television show Britannia in a six-episode character arc in 2021.

Though we’re glad to see Robinson spread his wings into other arenas, we’re always happiest when he delivers sweet music to our ears like this. Listen to his “Southern Comfort” below. 

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