Big State & Amber Navran Explore The Feelings Left Post-Breakup On ‘More Than I Should’

Photo Credit: Big State/Instagram

We’re expecting the return of some of our favorite artists in 2023. But we also are on the lookout for music for up-and-coming musicians looking to showcase their talents. Big State is one of those artists, and he’s making waves with his unique take on soul and R&B. His latest effort sees him linking with Moonchild’s Amber Navran for his newest single “More Than I Should.”

“More Than I Should” takes on those lingering feelings we all have post-breakup, though we may be reluctant to admit them. The song kicks off with a woman asking who we assume is her ex if he still thinks about her, to which he (too quickly) answers. This leads into the tune, which features a rolling snare drum, jazzy keys and a bit of electric guitar. The verse Big State delivers, meanwhile, finds him recapping what went down in the relationship that led to its demise before giving us the chorus. “Do you think of me still? / Or not (or not) / Do I still give you chills? / Or not (or not),” he questions to the jazzy melody.

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Amber Navran comes in with her signature breathy delivery, taking the song to a new level as she ponders what went wrong while hinting at a more complicated situation. “I do wonder how she got the man I know to say ‘I do,’” she sings. “I do wonder why the hell her friends would let her say it, too.”

The questions posed in the verses and the chorus are never resolved, however. Instead, the song ends ambiguously after Big and Amber join forces on the chorus and an electric guitar solo takes us to the finish.

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“More Than I Should” is an enjoyable cut that has us looking forward to what Big State has in store for the new year. Get into the track when you press play below.

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