Benny Sings Announces New Album ‘Young Hearts’ & Releases Title Track

Photo Credit: Benny Sings/YouTube

To say that Benny Sings is prolific would be a gross understatement of the singer-songwriter's output. Since 2018, he's released four albums, two of which arrived in 2021. He’ll add another album to the tally this March when he releases his studio album Young Hearts. Before he does that, though, he’s giving us a listen to the set with the title track and its disturbingly quirky music video.

“Young Hearts,” like the rest of the upcoming album, is produced by Kenny Beats, but it’s got that signature Benny Sings sound. A jaunty piano leads the way, providing bright chords that channel the yacht rock of the ’80s while giving us a dose of soul. Despite the cheery feel, though, “Young Hearts” has a dark side. We’ll let Benny say it in his own words, though.

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“‘Young Hearts’ is one of my favorite songs on the album,” he wrote of the track in a press release. “Kenny started producing and added [singer] Remi Wolf in the chorus. This song is one of the rare occasions where I’m singing in third person, which I really love. It’s about two young people getting addicted to crack – not autobiographical.”

OK, then. That perhaps explains the creative direction of the video. In it, we see Benny sitting down to have lunch with a lovely young lady. But just before he can toast the good life, he’s hit with a mind controlling chip that a young fan uses to make him do her bidding. That bidding includes emptying his bank account, getting an assortment of face tattoos and being a complete douchebag to everyone he comes in contact with. Rather than some big lesson being learned or Benny getting his life back, though, the clip ends with him being forced to make an embarrassing public performance while the girl and her street urchin friends film it for the ridicule of the internet.

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This is much darker territory than we’d expect from Benny Sings, but we’re kind of digging the new creative direction and can’t wait to see where else he goes when the project drops on March 24th. Listen and watch his latest and then check out the tracklist for Young Hearts the album when you head below.

Benny Sings Young Hearts tracklist:

1. Young Hearts
2. The Only One
3. Simple Love Songs
4. Pyjamas (feat. Remi Wolf)
5. The World
6. Distance
7. Love Will Find A Way
8. Moviestar
9. Let’s Go
10. Take Your Time

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