Trevor Jackson Keeps 'The Love Language' Alive With A Visual For 'This Won't Go Viral'

Photo Credit: Trevor Jackson/YouTube

If there's one thing Trevor Jackson has going for him (though, let's be real, he has many things going for him), it's his work ethic. The star has been on our screens since he was a kid and currently stars in Freeform's grown-ish. Still he somehow finds the time to be a prolific musical artist. Back in November, he dropped a four-song EP titled Show Me Diamonds for our continued listening pleasure in the midst of all his other projects. He hasn't forgotten about his 2021 effort The Love Language, though. In fact, he brings us back to the project with the recently released video for "This Won't Go Viral."

The clip for "This Won't Go Viral" is the most straightforward visual we've gotten from The Love Language. That's pretty appropriate since it's the set's most sincere song. It finds Trevor pouring his heart out to the one he loves, with him reiterating that he's in love and he doesn't care if it's not the coolest thing in the world to let the world know.

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The video shows the crooner dressed in a simple, cream-colored outfit as he walks around an apartment that's impeccably decorated in matching shades of cream, tan and beige. Though plain in appearance, the scheme makes the song and the singer's performance the focal point. Though he's offering up his signature flashes of skin thanks to his open shirt, he otherwise shirks his sex symbol persona as he gets to the heart of the matter. There is no choreography or tricks of the camera, just Trevor and his feelings.

We love to see a Black man getting in touch with his feelings, and Trevor Jackson gives us just that in "This Won't Go Viral." Watch him pour out his heart when you press play below and then stick around to stream his latest EP.

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