Tank & Alex Isley Come Together To Prove That Sexy Has 'No Limit'

Photo Credit: Tank/YouTube

If R&B Money is actually his final album (we remain skeptical about that one), then Tank made sure to go out with a bang. The set doubles down on what the crooner has become known for throughout his career: sexy, baby-making slow jams sure to make the ladies quiver. One of the true standouts for us, though, has to be the Alex Isley-featuring "No Limit." With Christmas literally days away, Tank gives his fans a gift with a sexy visual for the song.

The clip begins with Tank surrounded by tempting women in sheer tiger print body suits. The women are dancers who prove very flexible as they dance below the pink and purple lights of the set's illuminated ceiling. The ladies vamp sexily around him as he sings, illustrating his lyrics with seductive movements. When it comes to Alex's verse, a smaller number of dancers do the same while the singer shows just how sexy she can be.

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When it comes time for the two vocalists to join forces on screen, the room's lighting changes to a sinful red as Tank circles Alex with lust in his eyes. She seems to be breathlessly under his control as he sings to her, preserving his status as modern R&B's loverman in chief.

Tank's still got it and we're sure that his fans still want it. Though R&B Money might be his swan song, fans can still catch him live as he recently announced he'd be supporting New Edition on their upcoming 2023 tour. We're sure "No Limit" will be on his setlist. But before you catch him on the road, see him and Alex Isley work their magic when you press play below.

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