Rob Milton & Wayv Wilson Make Musical Magic On 'Waste Your Time' & 'Light'

Photo Credit: Rob Milton/Instagram

What happens when you meet up with friends over a long weekend? For many of us, that means things like brunch and wild times. For the ever-prolific Rob Milton, however, it means adding to his ever-growing musical catalog. The singer-songwriter, who happens to still be riding the high of co-writing Monica's latest chart-climbing single "Friends," met up with producer/artist Wayv Wilson over a weekend in Philly and the result was his latest double single "Waste Your Time" / "Light."

The two songs showcase the two musicians whose chemistry is evident on both tracks. "Waste Your Time" finds Rob experimenting a bit as he has his Camille moment with his pitched-up vocals flowing against the subtle bump and spacy synths of Wilson's production. An added bonus is that accompanying Rob's promises of making a relationship worthwhile is a poetic rap verse from Wilson himself to help round things out.

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"Light" is a calming, tranquil meditation on which Rob manifests the power inside of him. The song references how the weight of the world can try to dim that shine, but he still pushes forward, chanting on the chorus, "I've got the light." Wayv's voice can be heard on this one as well, with him providing background vocals and harmonizing with Rob.

"These songs are the result of two artist friends meeting for the first time in real life and going with the flow of chemistry and creativity," Rob Milton said of the collaborations. "Both 'Waste Your Time' and 'Light' were written and recorded in the heart of West Philadelphia and capture the magic that the beautiful city always brings to Black music."

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If you were in search of musical magic, look no further. Enjoy both "Waste Your Time" and "Light" when you press play below.

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