Masego Attempts To Balance Career & Love On 'You Never Visit Me'

Photo Credit: Sam Erickson

Masego is one busy man. When he's not guesting on songs with his contemporaries, he's working on his own prolific career. It's been announced that he has an album on the way, and he already introduced it with the lead single "Say You Want Me." He's also plotting his You Never Visit Me Tour for Spring 2023 (which already has a number of sold-out dates). It's only fitting, then, that he drops the tour's namesake single "You Never Visit Me" for our enjoyment.

"You Never Visit Me" aims to speak to the difficulties of balancing love and a career that requires him to constantly be away. The track is set over a laid-back groove composed of guitar, keys and tightly arranged backing vocals that sways to the constant rhythm of the drums. Masego takes the opportunity to talk about his unique pressures and how they affect a relationship.

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Speaking on how they've gotten to where they are, he rap-sings, "Took the bait when they sold me the dream / And I drove to crazier zones and I paid for it," he sings. "You were there when I told you the plan, you were sold / Then we made it a goal to remain 'til we old." By the second verse, however, the strain is starting to show. "She from under, under, underneath, she be under me / Wake up then she overseas, say she over me," he sings. "Caught up? No, she got a hold on me."

Masego might be holding the details of his new album close to his chest, but he seems perfectly fine with giving us quality cuts to stoke our anticipation for the project. Check out "You Never Visit Me" when you press play below.

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