Mario Is Ready For Three To Be Company On 'Like Her Too'

Photo Credit: Virisa Yong

Mario kept a rather low profile in 2022. However, when he did step out on the scene (like during his Verzuz match with Omarion) he managed to remind us why his was a talent to be reckoned with. Now that the year is coming to a close, though, he wants to remind us that he also quite the loverman with the release of his new single "Like Her Too."

"Love Her Too" finds Mario trying to arrange a rendezvous between lovers. But not just any meeting. He wants to have a ménage à trois between himself, his lady and another female guest. That kind of request obviously reeks of the male gaze, but Mario makes it sound super sexy thanks to a slow-burning groove that utilizes reverberating keys and sensual electric guitar licks to get us in the mood.

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He's also not too overzealous in his lyrical approach as he sets the scene, singing, "Let’s get comfortable / Me plus two / Back of the coupe / You know what to do / Keep your hands on me / Pure ecstasy." The quick clipped pacing of the initial verse and chorus creates a sweet tension that's released as the song continues further, with Mario elongating notes and phrases as he spirals toward ecstasy.

"'Like Her Too'" is a song inspired by duality," the singer said of the cut on Twitter. "A woman loving every part of herself without judgment is where her freedom starts. As a man, I support her wild untamed self while protecting her innocence."

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We can't deny how sexy this track is, but will it turn you on? Find out when you press play below and stick around to watch the song's official visualizer.

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