Kenyon Dixon & Jade Novah Want You 'Here (For Christmas)'

Photo Credit: JaVonté | Tim Caver

There's no better time than Christmas to spend some quality time with the one you love. But sometimes distance or other obligations keep people apart during this holiday. With that in mind, Kenyon Dixon reunites with Jade Novah to bridge the physical gap between lovers with music on "Here (For Christmas)."

If the song's title sounds familiar, that's because "Here (For Christmas)" is a reworked version of the track "Here" from Dixon's stellar album Closer. The original version was a duet with Susan Carol about two people expressing their desire to be together face to face and not just on FaceTime. "Here" was already a gorgeous song, but "Here (For Christmas)" gives it a festive feel wrapped up with a big red bow.

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"Here (For Christmas)" revamps "Here" musically and lyrically. The song's new intro features strings and a sound reminiscent of something you'd hear at the beginning of a made-for-TV Christmas love story. Our leading man Kenyon reprises his role on the first verse with an enticing invitation to his boo to spend some quality time singing Christmas carols, sitting fireside and kissing under the mistletoe. Meanwhile, our leading lady Jade matches his energy and gets flirtatious for the second verse. "You're the perfect holiday, yeah / I'll give you what you like / It won't be a silent night," she sweetly sings, suggesting she's ready to open more than just gifts when they do finally get together.

No strangers to collaborating, this track is Kenyon Dixon and Jade Novah's third duet in two years. "Here (For Christmas)" follows "Stay Down" from KD's 2021 album Expectations and the single "Rollercoaster" from Jade's Moon In Pisces EP that dropped in August. These two are three for three, and we don't think anyone would be mad if they decided to bless us with another duet or maybe even a whole album of duets in the future.

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While we add that tiny request to our Christmas wish list, indulge in Kenyon Dixon and Jade Novah's yuletide love song "Here (For Christmas)" right here.

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