Kehina Has Some Questions That Need Answers On 'Would You'

Photo Credit: Joel Wisdom-Peters

Kehina is an artist on the rise. The singer-songwriter made a splash with her debut EP I Wish I Was Here back in June. Since then, the buzz behind her has kept building, and she's kept working. As the year comes to a close, she is back with a brand-new single entitled "Would You."

"Would You" finds Kehina asking some pertinent relationship questions with an assist from producer Emil. The producer mines the familiar sounds of Jamiroquai's "Morning Glory." The smooth synth bass groove and harp that make up the original track serve as a great foundation as Kehina breathlessly poses questions to a lover about their intentions.

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"Would you even tell me / If you felt a way?" she sings. "Would you walk away? / Would you stay? / Would you try to find a way? / Would you? / Can I put my trust in you? / Do you know what to do?"

The flood of questions speaks to the insecurities that many of us have at the beginning of a relationship. But the pairing of them along with the sensual sample makes her queries sound less like anxious wondering and more like pillow talk before the deal is sealed.

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There's no question that we're digging this latest entry in Kehina's oeuvre. And with the way her musical career is building, we doubt that it will be the last. Listen to "Would You" when you press play below, and keep an ear out for whatever the songstress has next.

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