Tank And The Bangas Get Into Our Heads In 'Anxiety'

Photo Credit: Tank And The Bangas/YouTube

Spooky season has come to a close, but not before many of our faves offered their own tricks and treats for fans to enjoy. New Orleans' own Tank And The Bangas were part of that number, tapping into our innermost fears with a visual for their song "Anxiety."

The clip starts with a quote from the band which reads, "The biggest demons we fight will be the ones in our very head." We then see a man sitting alone in a red room seemingly going out of his mind as he stares at a red pill on a white plate. Things quickly become a cacophony of strobing lights as the members of Tank And The Bangas play the roles of his inner demons.

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They soon begin to torment the poor guy as they present him with his own personal horror show. The band is dressed in varying representations of straitjackets and horrifying masks that are sure to give him (and us) nightmares for quite some time. Luckily, this nightmare is under three minutes and ends with him all alone again — though the mask he's left holding might indicate otherwise.

This video might be a little scary, but Tank And The Bangas have a pretty sweet November ahead of them that includes a six-night residency at New York's Blue Note on November 11th-13th and November 18th-20th, with tickets available to be purchased on the Blue Note's website now. But before you pick yours up, check out the video for "Anxiety" right here.

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