SZA Further Inflames Album Rumors With A Teaser For 'PSA'

Photo Credit: SZA/YouTube

Yesterday marked the 33rd birthday for R&B star SZA. While we're sure she celebrated in style, she also gave her fans something to celebrate by dropping a cryptic teaser video for a song called "PSA" that might also tease something about her long-awaited sophomore LP.

The video itself features SZA wearing a bikini while sitting in a circle of green fire. That image is accompanied by the sounds of tinkling keys and slight horns as she sings the song's lyrics.

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"I don’t want nobody calling me anything but number one / Know I got problems, I don’t know how to take losses / Even when, even when they are lost causes," she sings in her own self-deprecating way.

As the video continues, we also see her under the cover of darkness on the beach as she pours a glowing liquid all over her nude body before seductively walking into the ocean.

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While that's a lot to take in, the split second that happens just before the video fades to black is perhaps the important part. We hear the Morse code signal for "SOS" as "...---..." is spelled out on the screen. Curiously enough, the singer was seen writing "SOS" on her wrist in her recent video for "Shirt" and she's changed her Instagram bio to the message as well. This, paired with fans thinking a license plate reading "NO CTRL" with an expiration date of December 2022 from the same "Shirt" video also hinted at the album's title, means that the speculation game is on!

Only SZA and her label know for sure when her album will drop and what the title will be, but it's definitely going to be fun watching fans parse through clues to figure it all out. See if you can pick any other telling details out when you watch the official teaser video for "PSA" below.

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