Sunni Colón Takes Us To The Streets Of The Dominican Republic In 'RHYTHM TO YA LOVE'

Photo Credit: Sunni Colón

Of the many R&B projects that were released this year, it's safe to say that JúJú & The Flowerbug by Sunni Colón is right up there with the best of the best. The collection is a delight of rhythms and sounds that's sure to offer something for every R&B lover. One of our favorites from the set was the smooth groove of "RHYTHM TO YA LOVE," a sparse cut inspired a bit by Brazilian funk. Now the track is the latest from the set to get the visual treatment.

Sunni — who puts on his director's cap for this one — keeps the clip as simple as the song is. He transports us to the beautiful Dominican Republic as he shows us a day in the life there. We see him go from the local store to an outdoor haircut in the video's beginning. But soon he's roaming the streets as he logs in time with some of the locals (including an adorable group of school children). Once he's done with all that, he heads into the night to cut a few moves.

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Before the clip comes to a close, we're treated to a brief instrumental as the singer-songwriter mugs for the camera alongside a camel and a horse. It should be noted that the instrumental playing here isn't one that appears on his album, making us wonder if Sunni Colón might be cooking up something new for our listening pleasure soon.

Either way, the visual for "RHYTHM TO YA LOVE" is a welcome bright spot in the gray days of late fall and winter. Let Sunni Colón brighten your day when you press play below.

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