Steve Lacy Uses His 'Bad Habit' To Make His 'Saturday Night Live' Debut

Photo Credit: Saturday Night Live/YouTube

This weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live was just OK at best, with this week's host Amy Schumer eliciting a chuckle or two during the show's 90 minutes. However, there was one electrifying highlight of the episode: Steve Lacy. The breakout star made his SNL debut this weekend, and he did so in style with performances of his Gemini Rights songs "Bad Habit" and "Helmet" for the late-night television audience.

He led things off with "Bad Habit," the album's lead single that took Steve straight to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. He performed the track with a no-frills approach that mirrored the song's music video. Still, he managed to fill the stage with just two backing band members and colored lights with his oddball energy that surely put a smile on the face of anyone watching.

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He followed that one with a performance of "Helmet" for the show's second musical break. Not released as a single, "Helmet" leans into the album's punk influence a bit heavier, making it a perfect song for SNL's broad audience as well as the devoted one to which the song caters. Things were once again no frills, with the singer-songwriter's musical skills playing front and center, allowing him to showcase his immense talent and prove his success is very well-earned.

Though he was forced to postpone a few dates for his current Give You The World Tour in order to make this Saturday Night Live debut happen, we think that Steve Lacy made the right call. Garnering this level of exposure can only ensure that his following will continue to grow. Watch him make performing for a televised audience of millions look like light work when you press play on the videos below.

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