Russell Taylor Gives Us An Illustrated Love Affair In 'White Lies'

Photo Credit: Russell Taylor/YouTube

Russell Taylor has been one of the highlights of our 2022. He came correct this year with three singles — "Cherry," "Show Me" and "White Lies" — that kept up grooving from winter to fall. If we could change one thing, though, it would be the lack of visuals we've gotten from the singer-songwriter. Thankfully, he's making up for that by dropping an animated video for "White Lies."

The clip offers us a version of Russell run through a Miami Vice filter, with him taking on a Ricardo Tubbs-like persona, complete with a T-shirt and blazer with rolled-up sleeves. He strolls down a palm tree-lined beach as he sings the track's verses before taking us and his lady on a drive down Collins Avenue. The video's simple premise allows for the repetition of frames while keeping the story of the clip moving forward, eventually exposing the white lies of which Russell sings as we see the inner thoughts of our protagonist and his lady (hint: they aren't thinking about one another).

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This year has seen Russell Taylor stepping outside of his norm, and we think that it's definitely elevated his artistry to a whole new level. Watch that crooner get animated on the beach in "White Lies" when you press play below.

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